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Pre-owned & Ex-demo

We have several pre-owned and ex-demo items for clearance.
All are in good working order.
Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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1. Misc. HW equipment

Miscellaneous Hauptwerk equipment from the estate of a deceased customer.

Approximate age is given for each item if this is known.
Please contact us for suggested pricing.

  • A 4-manual Hoffrichter console consisting of:
    Keyboard block (2019) with full complement of divisional and general pistons;
    Flat-pack wooden stand + shelves to sides (2019);
    Height-adjustable bench with crank-handle (2019);
    Straight / flat 30-note pedalboard with 3 swell pedals (2018)
    4 x Hoffrichter toe pistons (2016).
    (Current price for this package if new would be c.£9.000.)

  • 1 pair Dell P2418HT 23”touchscreen monitors

  • Loudspeakers:

  • One pair Definitive Technology BP9080X bipolar tower speakers.
  • Arcam p429 power amplifier.

  • 1 pair Samson Resolv A6 studio monitor speakers with stands.
  • 1 pair Samson Resolv A8 studio monitor speakers.

  • Hauptwerk software:
  • Advanced version licence (currently v.4.2; will be upgraded to v.7 before sale).
  • Sample-sets (could be sold as a complete bundle, or individually):
    Görlitz (full set)
    Haarlem (Professional-Extended version).
    Rotterdam Transept Organ (Surround)

    Poblet Metzler

Please address all enquiries / expressions of interest to me: Douglas Henn-Macrae, DHMidi-Organs.

e-mail:; phone: 01634 683096.

Manufacturer: Various

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2. Nearly-new Hauptwerk console

A nearly-new (c.2017) and very little-used (c.2 years) Hauptwerk organ console.
Previous owner sadly deceased. Parts from various suppliers. 
3-manual keyboard block from Orgelhaus im Stiftland (Germany).
Keyboards are Fatar TP/60LF. NB: No combination pistons!
Viscount MIDI pedalboard (RCO spec) with 2 swell pedals.
Table-top stand (self-built by previous owner).
DIY bench never completed, but timber purchased for it is available.
One Acer T232 HL 23"touchscreen monitor. 
This organ package could be combined with other items from the same previous owner:
(See below: Hauptwerk licence + 5 sample-sets; Adam monitor speakers + subwoofer.)

Manufacturer: Various


3. Old Hoffrichter Hauptwerk console

A complete 3-manual console for Hauptwerk: c.20 years old, but in good working order.
This instrument was used for a year by a cathedral organist while awaiting delivery of his new Hoffrichter organ.
The rocker-tab stops are currently labelled for an unknown (now-obsolete) sample-set, but could easily be re-labelled.
The Pedalboard is believed to be ex-Copeman-Hart and has been MIDIfied. Source of the bench is unknown.
Combination system is Euro-style: 8 "General" combinations x 3 memory banks.
Currently located in Aylesford, Kent.

Manufacturer: Hoffrichter

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Pre-owned Hauptwerk PC No.1

Built October 2015.
AMD quad-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium.
Hauptwerk v.7 installed
(HW Licence NOT included in price).
Includes pre-owned Firewire audio/MIDI interface
with 8 (4 pairs) analogue outputs.
In very good condition - well looked after by previous owner.
Ideal for a Hauptwerk beginner / student.

Manufacturer: DHMidi-Organs

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Pre-owned Hauptwerk PC No.2

Built February 2018 and used for c.2 years (customer upgraded).
AMD 6-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD,
Windows 7 Professional (all available Windows updates installed).
Hauptwerk v.7 installed
(NB: Hauptwerk Licence NOT included in price).
Includes pre-owned Firewire audio/MIDI interface with 3 pairs of analogue outputs.
Would suit a Hauptwerk beginner with a tight budget.

Manufacturer: DHMidi-Organs

St Andreas Church, (Nehringen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)
St Sauveur Cathedral (Aix-en-Provence, Provence)
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (Chicago, Illinois)